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Blueberry 'Duke' young plants

Vaccinium corymbosum 'Duke' – the early one with special resistance to cold

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Plate equals 60 plants
Plant size: root ball ⌀ = 4 cm; height 5.5 cm
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Fact sheet

Growth: strong and wide growing

Ripeness/Harvest: first half of July to early August

Fruits: large, firm, beautiful light blue

Taste: sweet aromatic, also chilled

Variety description

Duke' is an English nobility title and means something like "duke". It's pretty clear why this cultivated blueberry variety was "ennobled": 'Duke' is by far the hardiest highbush cultivated blueberry, it is said to withstand temperatures down to -34° C and even late frosts during flowering are surprisingly good. This trait allows blueberries to be grown at high altitudes, and not only that, but even in tub culture! Apart from that, 'Duke' behaves like all other cultivated blueberries. It grows vigorously upright, is deciduous and reaches heights of 120 - 150 cm. Perhaps the name also comes from another characteristic: 'Duke' has a very early ripening time, in normal locations the berries begin to ripen as early as the first half of July. This makes it one of the first ripe blueberries to be picked in the garden year.

Technical data

SKU 05814
Type Duke
Lubera type
License type
Advantages particularly resistant, high and regular yields, good disease resistance
Growth strong and wide growing
Annual growth perennial
Blossoming time May, June
Blossom color white-green
Leaf color white-green
Leaves Summer green
Striking autumn color Yes
Ripeness/Harvest first half of July to early August
Harvest time July-early August
Fruits large, firm, beautiful light blue
Fruit color light blue frosted
Taste sweet aromatic, also chilled
Sturdiness ****
Winter hardiness very good
Weight 0.0 kg