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Blue honeysuckle 'Duet' young plants

Lonicera kamtschatica 'Duet' - also for eating fresh

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Plate equals 60 plants
Plant size: root ball ⌀ = 4 cm; height 5.5 cm
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Advantages duet

  • surprisingly sweet
  • high yield
  • vigorous

Fact sheet

Growth: rounded, bushy growth

Ripeness/Harvest: at the beginning of June

Fruits: Roundish blue fruits with a fairly good taste

Taste: surprisingly cute

Variety description

The blue honeysuckle 'Duet' is of Siberian origin. It flowers rather late compared to other varieties of Siberian origin and grows bushy to a height of around 120 - 150 cm. The name 'Duet' alludes to the fact that the flowers always appear in pairs in the leaf axils. They are therefore also called 'blue double berries'.

The blue honeysuckle 'Duet' is not very demanding as far as soil conditions are concerned. It is also very hardy. However, it does not like a lot of heat in the summer. A partial shade location suits the variety. Nevertheless, the shrubs slowly thin out in early autumn, which is why they are a good addition to wild fruit hedges. For those who value ornamentation as well as yield, we recommend the Firstberries®. Like all other varieties, 'Duet' needs a pollinator.

Technical data

SKU 50403
Type duet
Lubera type
License type
Advantages surprisingly sweet, profitable, vigorous
Growth rounded, bushy growth
Annual growth perennial
Height 80 cm
Blossoming time April
Blossom color pastel light yellow
Leaf color green
Leaves Summer green
Striking autumn color no
Ripeness/Harvest at the beginning of June
Harvest time at the beginning of June
Fruits Roundish blue fruits with a fairly good taste
Fruit color blue-violet, frosted
Taste surprisingly cute
Sturdiness ****
Winter hardiness very good
Weight 0.0 kg