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Blue honeysuckle 'Martin' young plants

Lonicera kamtschatica 'Martin' - berry enjoyment as early as the end of May

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Plate equals 60 plants
Plant size: root ball ⌀ = 4 cm; height 5.5 cm
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Advantages Martin

  • early flowering, early harvesting
  • vigorous growth
  • robust

Fact sheet

Growth: fast-growing, taut, upright habit

Ripeness/Harvest: Late May - early June

Fruits: oblong, aromatic, blue fruits

Taste: sweet Sour

Variety description

The blue honeysuckle 'Martin' is a typical representative of Siberian origin. It flowers early, as early as the end of March. This is not a problem, however, because the flowers can tolerate a few degrees below zero Celsius.
'Martin' grows tightly upright and reaches a height of around 150 cm. The plant is absolutely frost hardy - no wonder given its origin. The great advantage of the blue honeysuckle is the fact that it will grow in practically any soil - this is in contrast to blueberries (Vaccinium), which only really thrive in acid soil over the longer term.

Technical data

SKU 50404
Type Martin
Lubera type
License type
Advantages frühe Blüte, frühe Ernte, starkwüchsig, robust
Growth fast-growing, taut, upright habit
Annual growth perennial
Height 150 cm
Blossoming time Mar, Apr
Blossom color pastellfarben hellgelb
Leaf color green
Leaves Sommergrün
Striking autumn color no
Ripeness/Harvest Late May - early June
Harvest time Late May - early June
Fruits oblong, aromatic, blue fruits
Fruit color blue-violet, frosted
Taste sweet Sour
Sturdiness ****
Winter hardiness very good
Weight 0.0 kg