Blueberry 'Patriot' young plants

Vaccinium corymbosum 'Patriot' – the resilient one

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Plate equals 60 plants
Plant size: root ball ⌀ = 4 cm; height 5.5 cm
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Fact sheet

Growth: strong upright, 150 - 180 cm high

Ripeness/Harvest: mid-July to mid-August

Fruits: large, light blue, firm and somewhat flattened

Taste: aromatic sweet and sour

Variety description

Patriot' is a popular highbush cultivated blueberry with large, light blue frosted fruits. The early variety is very hardy to frost, is extremely healthy and grows to a height of around 150 - 180 cm.
As with all cultivated blueberries, peat soil and an acidic fertilizer are required. Sour bed plant long-term fertilizers are best suited. 2 to 4 year old wood is the best prerequisite for optimal fruit set. For this reason, one begins to remove 1 or 2 of the oldest shoots in late winter from around the 3rd or 4th year, which sometimes takes a little effort, but sets new growth impulses. 'Patriot' delivers regular and high yields.

Technical data

SKU 05812
Type Patriot
Lubera type
License type
Advantages gesund und frosthart, frühe Reifezeit, auch für Höhenlagen
Growth strong upright, 150 - 180 cm high
Annual growth perennial
Blossoming time Mai, Jun
Blossom color weiß
Leaf color green
Leaves Sommergrün
Striking autumn color Yes
Ripeness/Harvest mid-July to mid-August
Harvest time mid-July-mid-August
Fruits large, light blue, firm and somewhat flattened
Fruit color light blue frosted
Taste aromatic sweet and sour
Sturdiness ****
Winter hardiness very good
Weight 0.0 kg