Blackberry hybrid 'Dorman Red' young plants

Rubus hybrid 'Dorman Red' - the raspberry that looks like a blackberry

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Plate equals 60 plants
Plant size: root ball ⌀ = 4 cm; height 5.5 cm
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Advantages Dorman Red

  • early ripening time
  • blackberry-like raspberry
  • robust health

Fact sheet

Growth: Vigorous growth with dark green foliage

Ripeness/Harvest: early July to mid-August

Fruits: shiny light red, raspberry-like but very firm berry

Taste: aromatic sweet and sour

Variety description

Strictly speaking, Dorman Red' is a raspberry hybrid (Rubus parviflorus x Rubus idaeus 'Dorset'), but its habit is very reminiscent of a classic blackberry. The hybrid produces large, bright red fruits that are densely packed in clusters. The berries are raspberry-like, ripen slowly and taste more like mulberries (Morus). 'Dorman Red' grows like a blackberry but only reaches about 150cm tall and also has dark green foliage like a blackberry. The rods are somewhat studded with spikes, but these are not particularly significant. 'Dorman Red' bears on two-year-old wood. The old canes are cut off close to the ground in late autumn, like classic blackberries. The variety is also suitable for cultivation in tubs.

Technical data

SKU 05317
Type Dorman Red
Lubera type
License type
Advantages early ripening period, blackberry-like raspberry, robust health
Growth Vigorous growth with dark green foliage
Annual growth perennial
Blossoming time May, June
Blossom color white
Leaf color green
Leaves Summer green
Striking autumn color no
Ripeness/Harvest early July to mid-August
Harvest time mid-July-mid-August
Fruits shiny light red, raspberry-like but very firm berry
Fruit color bright red
Taste aromatic sweet and sour
Sturdiness ****
Winter hardiness very good
Weight 0.0 kg